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my liver love


Anakin was born on February 8th, 2023 at Kennel Rock the Ridgeback with Laura Tomasi.

A long-cherished dream, a wish that has finally come true.

Hit that Hami Anakin Skywalker

His name was already fixed before he was born.

Funnily enough, he wears his own wings on his chest.

Anakin, my little liver nose, my mini Wini, my robber Hotzenplotz, affectionately called "Ani".

His eyes, that's probably what catches your eye.

A special look, a special color - "amber".

He goes straight to the heart, looks into one's soul.


To my great joy he has the head and the expression of his papa, -

and I'm already madly in love with his face.

He often observes his surroundings in silence and has this very special view of it :-)


Anakin is bursting with energy and zest for life.

He tries things out, has the rogue on his neck and Pipi Longstocking would probably be his best friend.

He always finds  things he can do. Be it winding up the toilet paper roll, digging holes in the parents' lawn or pulling the towels out of the closet.

And he's smart, very.Uses his nose skilfully, can follow tracks and, to my delight, fetches the dummy from day one. I very much hope that he will continue to be willing and that we can expand on it.

He encounters his surroundings without any shyness and with open eyes and ears.

He is curious and explores new things with confidence.

Despite this open and self-determined manner, he never loses sight of me and I'm still number one for him.


At home he seeks physical closeness and prefers to cuddle on one.

Close is not close enough and if he could he would crawl inside me.

I enjoy it.


In practice, he has already wrapped customers around his finger.

He meets you with curiosity and without fear.

Research the contents of the bag here and find shoes and aids such as crutches, sticks and wheelchairs extremely interesting.

In principle, he can always use everything first :-)



In Luan he found a friend and playmate right from the start. Whenever you would let them, they would play and romp with each other 24/7 and infect each other with nonsense.

This is of course not possible, and so the rules had to be implemented together. Playing can take place on a small scale, billing and lying down, everything is allowed. Long distances must not be covered as the risk of injury is too high here.

Anakin and Luan, two slobs who didn't look for each other but found each other.

Georges, on the other hand, has consistently and clearly made it clear to Anakin from the beginning which rules of the game are to be observed in dealing with him. With correspondingly low energy, he can lie down next to him and also play him. If he overdoes it, his dad will discipline him.

it's amazing to see that Georges actually took on the role of education here.

With Marc's males, things are going great and Bowie in particular is in love with him.

Education is not what the two have in mind, instead they tussle, frolic and roll over each other.

Unfortunately, Anakin has not had much contact with children so far. Here I can refer to our little friend Marleen, who has already seen the other boys grow up.

Here, too, she has a knack for small piranjas and Anakin learns from her what is and is not allowed in contact with children.

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