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Luxembourg Champion

German VDH  youth champion

Rhineland-Palatinate Youth Winner

German Junior Winner 2019

Best male in beauty and performance Schleswig-Holstein Cup 2021

Best male in beauty and performance Schleswig-Holstein Cup 2023

Best male in beauty and performance Bayern Cup 2023

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30.09.2018    Club Show Letzebuerg  baby class   VV 2

06.10.2018     Spec. Breeding Exhib.   puppy class   VV 1

10.11.2018     Nation. pedigree dog show  canine   vs

11/11/2018     boarding school pedigree dog show  canine   VV 1

17.11.2018     National Winner Exhibition  puppy class   VV 3

18.11.2018     Internat.-  exhibition  puppy class   VV 1

23.02.2019     Spec. Breeding Exhib.  youthclass   SG 4

09.03.2019     Special exhibition    youthclass   SG 4

10.03.2019     State Winner West  youthclass   SG

30.03.2019     Spec. Breeding Exhib.  youthclass  EXC 3

18.05.2019     European winner exhibition.  youthclass    V1

25.05.2019     Spec. Breeding Exhib.  youthclass     v3

26.05.2019     Club Show  youthclass     SG 3

08.06.2019     Special breed show  youthclass     v2

09.06.2019     Club Winner Show  youth    v2

29.06.2019    Nation. dog show Swiss  youthclass   V 1 

                      CAC youth

29.06.2019     Nation. dog show Swiss  youthclass   SG

30.06.2019    boarding school dog show Swiss  youthclass  v3

06.07.2019     boarding school exhibition  youthclass     v4

07.07.2019     Annual Trophy Showyouthclass     v2

13.07.2019     Nation. pedigree dog show  youthclass   v3

14.07.2019     boarding school pedigree dog show  youthclass   v2

20.07.2019     Community Show  youthclass     v4

27.07.2019     Special exhibition youthclass   v3

28.07.2019     special exhibition  youthclass   SG 3

03.08.2019     boarding school pedigree dog show  youthclass   v2

04.08.2019     Nation. pedigree dog show  youthclass  SG

10.08.2019    boarding school pedigree dog show  youthclass   v1


24.08.2019     boarding school exhibition youthclass   SG 3

25.08.2019     German Winner Show  youthclass   V 1    

                      GERMAN JUNIOR WINNER 2019

31.08.2019     Spec. Breeding Exhib.  midclass   v3

28.09.2019     Spec. Breeding Exhib.   midclass   v4

05.10.2019     boarding school pedigree dog show   midclass   SG 4

11.10.2019     Autumn Winner Show   midclass  SG

13.10.2019     Federal Winner Show  midclass  VG

09.11.2019     Nation. pedigree dog show  Class v1

10.11.2019     boarding school pedigree dog show  midclass  V4

20.08.2021     German Winner Show     open class     SG

08/21/2012   Spec. Breeding Exhib.  open class     V3


05.09.2021    Club Winner Show  open class   SG

06.09.2022    Club Winner Show open class V

24.10.2021    National Winner Show.  open class  V

05.12.2021    Internal. Rasseh.- Exhib.   Open Class  V4

21.05.2022    Common Breed Show  open class   V3

13.08.2022    Spec. Breed Show.   open class  SG3

03.09.2022    boarding school Dog Show Luxembourg.  open class   V1

                      CACL ;   CACIB RES.

04.09.2022    boarding school Dog Show Luxembourg.  open class   VV3

                      CACL ;   CACIB ;  BEST MALE;  

                    BEST OF BREED ;   QUALITY BEST of GROUP

10.09.2022    Spec. Breeding Exhib.  open class   SG

14.10.2022    Autumn winner exhibition.   open class   v2

16.10.2022    National Winner Exhibition   Open Class    v2

29.10.2022    Spec. Breeding Exhib.  champion class  V4

13.11.2022   Internal. Rasseh.- Exhib.   champion class    V

10.12.2022    Internal. Rasseh.- Exhib. Champion class SG

11.12.2022    Internal. Rasseh.- Exhib. Champion Class V

11.03.2023    internationalern. Rasseh.- Exhibit. Champion Class V

18.03.2023    Spec. Breeding Exhib.   champion class v2

19.03.2023    Spec. Breeding Exhib.  champion class v2

29.04.2023    Spec. Breeding Exhib.  champion class V4

12.05.2023    Spring winner exhibition.   Champion Class V

14.05.2023    European Winner Exhibition.   Champion Class V

20.05.2023    Spec. Breeding Exhib.  champion class V1



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