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Affectionately called the prince


Georges was born on March 6th, 2018 in Kennel Udako at Lea scratches.

His wonderful mom Amarula gave birth to 11 other little lion hunters besides him.

Georges, crackpot and heartthrob

Anyone who gets to know him can first and foremost get to know his pure joie de vivre.

He leaves no doubt that he can look forward to a great deal. It can happen that not all 4 paws stay on the ground or that the tongue finds its way into the face :-)

You can't be mad at him when he looks at you with his wonderful eyes and his absolutely kissable face.


Georges is a bundle of energy who always has his heart in the right place and never gets stupid.

It corresponds to the standard of a Ridgeback male and has all the advantages of being a sports dog due to its ideal size and its absolutely sporty figure.

Outside he is bursting with strength and speed and is extremely enduring.

He likes to run on his bike or with me on our running routes.

We have absolute joy and heart and soul in coursing. Here he can follow his passion 100% and has a smile on his face. 

He even turns slow walks into exuberant rounds by playing games with Luan.

On the racetrack is  Georges with zeal and fun in the matter.

Like Ridgbeback, he can use his nose very well and his hunting instinct is also appropriate. Each of our walks is cinema for eyes, nose and ears :-)

He explores his environment with self-confidence and is very open and curious about foreign stimuli.

He thinks the dummy is great for "retrieving", but finds it much more exciting to present it proudly and from a suitable distance.


At home he is always close to me and also looks for it in physical form.

He's always more on top of me on the couch than next to me and loves to cuddle tightly.

Our patients and customers in the practice love his social open nature.

He happily searches for people and likes to be touched, cuddled or otherwise rewarded with attention.

One of his favorite pastimes is shredding toilet paper rolls, boxes or old socks.


A friendship at eye level connected him with Sakima. They were respectful and fair with each other and never questioned each other for a day together.

After Sakima left us in June 2021 after a short, serious illness, Georges first had to orientate himself and "get along" and reorient himself.

Sakima was a great companion, teacher and support in everyday life.

Well, he can pass on what he has learned to Luan and be a partner at eye level.

He's already Luan's hero and seeing the two of them together makes my heart soar every day.

They play together, share a berth and use each other as pillows.

One without the other does not feel comfortable and physical attention in the form of kisses and cleaning shows up every day.

He is also respectful towards the older males and the entire pack of my parents (6 in number) and subordinates himself. Since my parents also breed, but have lost their hearts to another breed, Georges was able to get to know the nature of a pregnant bitch and was allowed to sniff the scent of puppies from the very first day.

Georges is very sociable with children and is happy when they deal with him. He is particularly fond of his little friend Marleen. The two have the most fun, whether together on the trampoline, "cutting" handkerchiefs or cuddling in the Kudde.

He is an absolute heart dog :-)

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