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Luan was born on March 18th, 2022 in Kennel Mooi River with Andrea Jäger, along with 12 other lion hunters.

His full kennel name is:

Mooi River Lemakani Amani

We simply call it Luan. And as if he knew that his name means "lion", he can use his voice like one. . .there are sounds coming out . .  


Luan, - whirlwind and robber "daughter"

What immediately captivates you are his wonderful dark eyes and his proud expression.

His sweet face, his look with which he melts icebergs and from time to time the rogue flashes out

His mighty paws leave traces of joie de vivre and immediately put a smile on your face.

Luan is a powerhouse, bundle of energy and chameur before the Lord.

The colorful dough comes out of both ears and the halo can blind you a lot :-)

He is a lovable Kasper and his curious, open nature is balm for heart and soul.

His fearless, inquisitive nature brings joy every day and makes working with him easy.

His way of exploring the world and finding everything exciting and interesting often makes us smile and pause.

We are very excited to see how it will develop.



In Luan, as with Georges, we have a very friendly representative of his breed who is open to people.

He happily approaches people and likes to be touched or entertained.

He is open and cautious towards children at the same time, he shows a nice respectful interaction and still has a lot of fun with them.


In Georges he has found a very patient friend for life. Now and then a little cheeky and more of a robber's daughter than a princess, he keeps trying to get close to his hero Georges.

He follows him every step of the way and often orients himself towards him.

Respectful and fairthey play together, share a berth and use each other as pillows.

The everyday ritual of "beaking" together is a treat for the eyes and ears and is good for the soul.


At home, Luan is a dog who can use everything and who knows how to play with everything.

He can spend hours with a kitchen roll or work on his teddy bear.

Follows me everywhere and therefore often lies on the bath mat while showering and sleeps.

In the beginning, cuddling was more likely to be possible at night in bed.

In the meantime, he also seeks our closeness on the couch and shows exactly when he needs his cuddles. Then it can also happen that he wants to sit on your lap.

He is an absolute smooch and "kisses" really carefully for all his temperament.


He's a pot of gold :-)

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