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Mating "The Offspring Litter"


Litter planning in Kennel Rock the Ridgeback between Udako Georges and Highway to Hell Prea Amali

After our first joint adventure took place so harmoniously and on an absolutely good trusting level and the contact also existed, it quickly became clear that we could imagine a second journey together.

And so Laura and Prea came to us in December.

A very harmonious meeting of the dogs took place andd the foundation for this journey was laid more instinctively.


On February 8th, 2023, Prea gave birth to 7 little dwarfs.

She mastered the birth safely and confidently and immediately took care of all her babies.

3 males and 4 girls immediately frolic at the milk bar and were enchantingly cared for.

The first days are done and all the dwarves have doubled their weight. .

Prea does an excellent job and provides 24/7 care.

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