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Mating "Red Hot Chili Peppers"


Litter planning at Kennel Rock the Ridgeback between Udako Georges and Queen Nyah Nehanda

Contact between Laura and Me was established as early as October 2021. Lea, our breeder, was on board right from the start and your approval was very important to us.

A few phone calls and many Whatsapp messages later, it quickly became clear that we were on the same wavelength and that we could well imagine the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" adventure together.

Positive, from the first moment, was Laura's warm manner. The attitude towards our breed and your dogs in particular. Her special way of working with dogs, motivating them and picking everyone up where they are with their abilities and skills inspired me from day one.

Not a week went by that we didn't hear from each other. . .

After the long planning, the mutual exchange and the good basis "trust", the adventure started on May 14th, 2022.

Laura and Queen arrived in Germany and our journey together began.

We spent a wonderful week. Many conversations, hours together, barbecues and a great time.

And our dogs - they seemed to have the same feeling with each other. A wonderfully harmonious couple, playful and respectful in dealing with each other. Great interest in each other and relaxed lying next to each other in the evenings.

It's wonderful to see that two dogs have found each other that are beautiful both outside and inside and have strong, clear characters.

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