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We, that's me Melanie and my dogs Georges, Luan and Anakin

We live in Pfungstadt on the southern mountain road.

We also include my partner Marc Burkhardt and his two boys Bakari and Bowie.

We share the passion for the Rhodesian Ridgeback and live the sport with our dogs.

I am a self-employed physiotherapist and prospective osteopath in the human area.

The training for paw runners was completed a few years ago.

The area of nutrition for our four-legged friends was also of particular concern to me, so I completed my nutritional therapy with a focus on B.a.r.f.

My dogs and I are very fortunate to be able to be together during the day because they accompany me in my practice and are in daily contact with my clients there.

They are loved and put a smile on people's faces every day.


My  Family has always had dogs, so from childhood I grew up surrounded by paw walkers and black noses.

For as long as I can remember, dogs have been very close to me and I've felt more and more drawn to the four-legged friends.

In March 2018 my wish for a Rhodesian Ridgeback came true and Georges was born.

I couldn't have gotten better with my dream breeder Lea scratches.

She has combined everything that was and is important to me in rearing and behavior.

I am infinitely grateful to her for trusting me and my prince, - as we affectionately call him from the start.

Georges is my goofball and with his dough he makes me laugh every day.

He is my rock in the surf.

In the summer of 2022, Luan, my crumb, crept into my heart within a few moments

Not planned, and yet within a few seconds it rumbled into your heart.

It comes from Andrea Jäger and for him it was actually "love at first sight

He is the dog of my ex-boyfriend Sebastian and me, he is allowed to go to his second home twice a week and can enjoy undivided attention there.


Oh yes, who is wondering who the little whirlwind is here on the site.

This is our new addition "Anakin."

A dream came true with him. He is a son of my Prince George.

Here I fulfill my Liver love.


more about these special dogs, my prince, the crumb and the little liver nose follows on the next few pages...
Enjoy browsing !

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1997 - 12/20/2016

At the age of 15 I got my first own bitch Kira from the animal shelter.

An extraordinary little lady with a very big heart and an amazing charisma.

She turned 19 and left me in December 2016 after 17 years together.

Left in 2016 after 17 marriages



03/18/2010 - 07/08/2021

In 2010 my magic mouse Sakima came to us at the age of 8 weeks.

A mix of Great Dane and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Lacquer black and pretty.

Her behavior was absolutely Ridgeback like. Temperamental and sensitively soft at the same time, she inspired me anew every day.

She was not a bitch who put herself in the foreground, but sensitive in her way.

Sakima was a bitch who liked to be liked but not noticed.

She was sporty until old age, actually until a day before the devastating diagnosis of osteosarcoma.

Georges was a patient friend who knew how to take his temperament very well and still lovingly put him in his place when it got too much.

Unfortunately, my soul girl fell asleep forever in July 2021 after a very short, serious illness. We miss her every day


03/18/2010 - 06/06/2017


In 2011, Sakima's full brother Indie came to us unplanned, but with no less love.

A very sensitive male who has experienced very little socialization in his first months of life and has adopted his own strategies. to get by in life.

It was through our unique connection that I firmly took over and was able to avert euthanasia.

Our way was a special one. Often rocky, with not a few tears and yet with a learning curve of 180°. He was my Eumel, my joker, my boy.

Unfortunately, in June 2017, after suffering from severe cancer, he passed away forever.

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